1976-1776 Bicentennial Half Dollar

1976-1776 Bicentennial Half Dollar


Handcrafted 1976-1776 BICENTENNIAL Half Dollar Ring


The shot heard around the world in 1963, a bullet from an assassin's weapon that ended the life of U.S. President John F. Kennedy, is still remembered on the annually produced half dollar struck in his honor. As far as collectors are concerned, the shot cut short not only the life of a U.S. president, but also the 15-year-old series of Franklin half dollars introduced in 1948. By law, the designs of circulating coins are not supposed to change in less than 25 years without congressional approval. Emotions ran high and Kennedy's effigy quickly replaced that of Franklin's on the obverse of the half dollar beginning in 1964 by an act of Congress.


The 1776-1976 Bicentennial coin issue is unique in U.S. numismatic history. It is the only circulation issue (quarter dollars, half dollars and dollars) with two dates appearing together. It is one of the few times coins have been struck in another year other than that appearing on the coin (1975 and 1976 coins are dated 1776-1976).

We make sure to pick out only the cream of the crop when it comes to coin selecting for forging rings.  This ring is minted in Copper/Nickel Clad from the US mint.

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