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We’re a couple of passionate Americans that love our country's rich history.  One way of expressing this love is forging rings from antique American coins and sharing them with all of you!!! 


      First and foremost, our rings are Veteran made, which we take great pride in. If not for our grandfather passing down the heritage to us from what he learned overseas in Japan during World War II as a POW, then I wouldn't be able to share our legacy with all of you. 


The rich history surrounding coin rings is pretty astounding. They were often products of war and hard economic times. Believe it or not, coins have been made into rings as far back as the Roman times. Some say that before Christ walked the earth they were making coins into rings and the tradition remains strong today. This time it is not merely because of hard economy times or war (even though we could claim it) but by the pure simplicity and legacy it brings.


Many coin rings were often given as wedding bands after the wars that shook the world. In both World War 1 and 2 coin rings were often made during down time by servicemen. While the servicemen sat in the trenches, in the jungle, or on navy ships they would often think of that one girl that was waiting back home for them. By that time, the idea of a coin ring brought comfort to the maker and the bright idea was born again. The creator began by banging a heavy spoon several thousand times against the edge of the coins. This is a very tedious process. This was referred to as The Spoon Method. This method was used to make rings, trinkets, and other jewelry. This method is the most popular and still in use to this day.


There is a common theme in all stories being told that connects these rings to family and historical events that to this day these rings keep alive. The honor in making these rings is in keeping the tradition going; providing the highest quality pieces of artwork and history that you can wear for generations.


Commemorate a special anniversary, birthday, or just say thanks with a handmade and unique gift that will last forever.  

We still have that first coin ring our grandfather brought home from World War II Post-Japan. Coin Rings run deep within our family and we hope that you feel the same way. It just makes cents to buy one. 

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