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Silver American Eagle Dollar
  • Silver American Eagle Dollar


    American Eagle Silver Coin Ring. This is one of the largest and most massive rings made from American Silver coins! For making these rings I use a Silver American Eagle Coins (bullion). These coins was minted in 1998-2018 years from .999 Fine Silver. It's a Double Sided ring. This means that on both sides of the ring are well preserved and clearly visible all the details which were on both sides of the coin. The ring has lettering "LIBERTY" and "IN GOD WE TRUST" on the one side. And "UNITED STATES OF AMERICA" and "ONE DOLLAR" on the other side.

    You can choose which side of the coin will be the main side of the ring (outside). There are two options:
    1. Walking Liberty outside / American Eagle inside (by default, as on the pictures)
    2. American Eagle outside / Walking Liberty inside

    Metal: Fine Silver .999
    Weight: 0.91oz. / 25.7g.
    Width: 12-14mm (depending on the size)
    Size: any size from 11 up to 17 (U.S. sizes)
    Year: random year (1998-2018)

    This is a big, heavy coin which suitable for rings with large or very large sizes. So I suggest for choosing sizes only from 12 up to 17. With these sizes, the rings will be comfortable to wear and will look great!

    If you want an some exact year or still want a different size that is not available for selection or you want a completely brilliant finish, then just send me a message before buying and I will definitely find a solution for you!

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