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Please be aware that over time the Black Patina on your

ring will wear off, this is normal for all coin rings.

Washing your ring with soap and water will expedite the patina

removal process.


I apply a thin layer Jeweler’s Wax to all of my rings in order

to extend the life of this “Patina”. In order to extend the

life of your ring patina even further, you can apply a thin

layer of clear nail polish to your ring. This will also keep

the health effects of copper from entering your body

through your finger and protect your ring’s Dark Patina.




There are two different methods for maintaining your silver ring depending on the finish (Polished or Antique).  NOTE: all rings are made with "antique finish" unless you have requested the "Polish Finish" when ordering.

FIRST for the Polished Finish........ Because the rings are made from real silver coins, which are about 90% pure silver, they are very easy to maintain.  Simply use a double sided silver polishing cloth available for around $5 at many large retailers such as Wal-Mart or Target in the jewelry section.  The cloth contains a dry polishing compound on one side and the other side is used for buffing to a final shine........The whole process does not take more than 5 minutes to complete.

Now for the Antique Finish........The dark portion of the two-tone antique finish will gradually wear off as it is simply a natural oxidation (tarnish) of the silver which makes the dramatic highlighted affect.  The process for renewing this look is a HIGHLY classified, top-secret process that took hundreds of years to develop and requires highly skilled scientists to apply......JUST KIDDING!!!! 


The dark portion can be easily applied with an egg.......yes.....using a boiled egg will turn your ring back to looking new again!!!!


Here is how it works:  First, clean the ring with rubbing alcohol or hot water mixed with a small amount of ammonia and a drop of dish soap, then rinse and dry.  DO NOT TOUCH WITH YOUR FINGERS !!!!  You do not want to put any oil from your fingers on the ring or this process will not work.  Now boil your egg for 15 mins, place hot boiled egg (Shell and all) into a doubled-up pair of zip lock bags.  Smash the egg inside of the bags until it looks like it is ready for an egg salad sandwich. gently wrap the ring in a paper towel and place inside of the bag with the egg, seal tightly.  Wrap the whole bag in aluminum foil to keep it hot, let sit for about an hour or longer.  The ring can be left as long as it takes to get a dark color.  If only a portion of the ring has darkened, rotate the ring and repeat the process. You can keep the ring in the bag as long as you need to..........even up to 2 days!!!!  NO WAY TO MESS THIS UP !!!!

Now all you have to do is rinse the ring in water and dry.  Next, take some polishing cloth used for polishing the rings and rub the high points removing areas of tarnish you would like to have polished.  You can repeat this process as many times as you would like.  You can even switch your ring to a polished look and back to antique.


If the polishing cloth is not doing the trick, you can use steel wool (Grade 0000) to hit the high points of the ring.  Search YouTube for more tricks on coin rings. 


This egg method works due to the natural sulphur content in the egg yolk which eccelerates the oxidation process.........All natural and super safe !!!

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